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Tuesday 8pm - 1:30am
Wed-Monday 4pm - 1:30am

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup$4.95
An authentic Chinese soup with egg, tofu, mushrooms and vegetables

Thai Rice Soup$4.95
Summering jasmine rice in a clear chicken broth with chicken, baby , cilantro, garlic and pepper

Thai Tom Kha$4.95
A savory coconut milk soup with straw mushrooms, tomatoes, red peppers, galangal, onion, cilantro and lemon grass;choice of chicken, shrimp, vegetable or tofu

Thai Tom Yum$4.95
A fragrant blend of galangal, mushrooms, lemon grass, lime leaf and scallions; choice of chicken, shrimp, vegetable or tofu

Miso Soup$3.25
Japanese miso soup, seaweed and tofu

Thai Tom Yum Seafood$11.50
A bowl of Thai Tom Yum with seafood(shrimp, squid, mussel and immitation crab meat)

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