4205 W Lawrence, Chicago, IL 60630
 Tel. 773 205 0505 , 773 205 0506

Monday 4pm - 1:30am
Tuesday 8pm - 1:30am
Wed-Sun 4pm - 1:30am
(after midnight pls order thru grubhub.com)

Carrot Salad$6.95
Fresh shredded carrot, cabbage, tomato, green beans, crushed peanuts and lime dressing

Cucumber Salad$3.95
Cucumbers in a pineapple vinaigrette with carrots, red onion and sesame seeds

Laotian Chicken Salad (Larb kai)$8.25
Ground chicken tossed with scallions, chili and limejuice

Summer Salad$3.95
Fresh mixed vegetables with ginger vinegreated dressing topped with noodle

Vietnamese Lemon Grass Salad$7.95
Your choice of grilled meat with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onions, chilles, cilantro, lime & spices

Yum Woon Sen$8.25
Shrimp, grounded chicken, grass noodles, red onions, green onions tossed with savory chili-lime dressing garnished with cilantro

Seaweed salad$4.95
Seaweed salad

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